The pursuit of creating an unforgettable cochinillo is the result of my love for food, my dedication to the best quality all the time, and my passion for sharing what I love with other people. I spent much time and effort testing, creating, and improving in order to come up with an extraordinary recipe and the best technique.

— Tinee de Guzman



Growing up in a family with a taste for fine food, Tinee de Guzman’s love for the kitchen began at a young age. He eventually ventured into food photography, where he worked closely with many of the top chefs in the Philippines and abroad. 

It wasn’t long before Tinee fell in love with the art of slow cooking and roasting in a brick oven. Starting out roasting dishes such as pork belly, lamb, and goat for family and friends, he then set out to create the perfect cochinillo. 

This passion for fine roasts was fueled by his dedication to perfection. From customizing his own brick ovens, to choosing the best suppliers and ingredients, to refining his technique from preparation to serving, Mr. Cochinillo ensures a pork dish unlike any other.