The buttery taste of the suckling pig lends a counterpoint to its delicate saltiness while crumbling between my teeth with more ease than a freshly toasted potato chip. What can I say but Mr. Cochinillo still serves Cochinillo del Cielo. ¡Verdad!

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“Mr. Cochinillo has the right idea in mind then, by creating a version that is just as homey, with a new touch that break the archaic mold the dish has often been left in. ”



“De Guzman’s prized piglets have earned him praise, including TV host Bobby Chin of World Cafe.” — Vault

“Pinching further down, past the skin, we discovered meat that was between slightly firm and almost falling apart. And like the aroma and the skin, the meat was all we expected it to be and so much more — softer, more flavorful, lean yet moist and melting in the mouth.” Inquirer.net


“There’s a marinade that he himself mixes, including olive oil... All this talk whets our appetite even more. The smoky flavor is irresistible. With a bit of nervousness we chew on the first few slices of the meat. It is so soft it almost melts in the mouth.” — Inquirer.net


Mr. Cochinillo was an idea that had been stewing at the back of his mind for years, along with fabada, lengua, fideo, callos— thediarist.ph



Food photographer Tinee de Guzman’s absolute love of food led him to go where no one in his family went—the backyard, where he installed his own brick oven so he can slow-roast herb-stuffed suckling pigs to crisp perfection. Tinee chooses the babes in the city himself, breastfed for barely a month, making for the juiciest and tenderest cochinillo that you can cut with a plate like they do in Spain.

Tinee now has six charcoal-fed brick ovens and has expanded his repertoire of heavenly roasts to lechon de leche, Indonesia’s famed babi guling, German spanferkel and recently, organic wild boar. The babes are wrapped in a native palm woven tampipi to keep them covered and crisp.

— GMANetwork.com


Craving lechon but can’t finish the whole pig? Get the next best thing. This bronzed cochinillo promises fall-off-the-bone lean meat, made moist by hours of cooking inside a brick oven. The Babi Guling on the other hand, borrows the flavors of Bali, stuffing the suckling pig with a mix of ginger, turmeric, coriander, and chili, thus turning this spectacle into a spicy slice of bliss.

— Spot.ph