uncompromising quality

The secret of a truly delectable cochinillo lies in the preparation. Each carefully selected piglet is thoroughly cleaned and trimmed before being marinated in a special mix of olive oil, herbs, and spices. It is then slow-roasted in a custom-made brick oven for hours, where it is cooked in its natural juices and acquires a smokiness only possible from roasting over wood and coal.


Referenced by Ernest Hemingway in his novel, “The Sun Also Rises,” cochinillo has been a much sought after delicacy in Spain since the 18th century. The Spanish tradition of slow-roasting over a wood fire in brick ovens comes alive in Mr. Cochinillo’s kitchen. His cochinillo is a product of a technique perfected by years of culinary testing, continuous practice towards perfection, and dedication to fine quality.

Diligently raised with personal care by local farmers

Selecting the piglets is the first step in the meticulous preparation process. Mr. Cochinillo only works with trusted local farmers and ensures that each piglet is carefully selected – from the complexion, to the conformation and build, to the size.