What is Cochinillo

What is Cochinillo?

Crisp, succulent, with moist and tasty meat that easily falls off the bone, cochinillo is a piglet roasted after feeding on sow’s milk for roughly two to six weeks. Many cultures have their own versions of roast suckling pig, with the most famous one originating from Segovia, a city northwest of Madrid, Spain. Mr. Cochinillo has his own version – a delectable treat to rival its European counterparts. 

Tender Cochinillo

a long way from lechon

Cochinillo meat is distinct for its buttery texture and its light, crisp, golden-brown skin. It can be easily sliced with a porcelain plate, demonstrating a tenderness and delicateness not attainable in your typical lechon. While most other variants of cochinillo are served with sauce, those by Mr. Cochinillo are best enjoyed without it.

Celebrate Events

Perfect way to celebrate special Occasions

Lechon may be a staple in any Filipino gathering, but Mr. Cochinillo invites you to elevate your guests’ experience by serving the perfect cochinillo. The taste, texture, and technique behind each cochinillo make for an exciting and pleasurable experience best shared with loved ones.